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Arqemn Drawing templates are baseline drawings that help you replicate the Look & Settings of Arqemn’s drawing style in your studio without having to set up anything. They have been specially developed for CAD users who want consistent output on their projects, and a professional look at their final results.

These templates provide users with a place where to start, reducing their work time, the chance to make mistakes in settings, and making uniformity to every project addressed.

Why purchase our template?

Reduces Work Time

Ensures every drawing begins with the correct settings

Templates in AutoCAD always has been one of the features which help us reduce our work and save us time when designing a new project in the software.

Before starting either a full project or a single floor plan, so many settings on the drawing page we have to set up, like units, sizes, dimension styles, layers, etc, just to reach the professional output we are looking for for our printing. And, it’s not always easy and practical to do all those settings every time we may start a new drawing.

Arqemn Templates help you overcome this task, putting a stop to your time wasting and allowing you to get straight into your design without any delay.

Featured Templates

These CAD drawing templates give you a great starting point when starting a new drawing project. It contains all the settings, parameter blocks, & notations ready to use, and flexible to customize.


Documents are included in a single zip file compatible with  PC versions of AutoCAD only. Starting from (2010 to 2022 versions). **Choose from Metric or Imperial units**

Templates Contents

What's Included!

Sample Elevations Drawings

How our elevations look like!

Screenshot 2023-02-03 234437
Red Template Samples
Black Template Samples
Floor Plan
Screenshot 2023-01-21 225457
Screenshot 2023-01-31 214558